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The HomeBodySoul Method

… believes that in order to live our best, healthiest life, we must seek to steward and simplify our homes, bodies, and souls. I believe these three areas are so intricately connected and in order to create a healthy lifestyle holistically, all three must be evaluated .

As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I would love to come alongside of you and help you reach your greatest potential and finally feel like the woman you were created to be!  Talking through health goals, challenges, and dreams is important and the first step, but I found my clients also desire hands on help to de-clutter, organize, and simplify all areas of their life so that they can maintain their healthy living for the long-term. Together we will evaluate all areas of your life so that you can live each day with purpose and be available and fully present for your family and community, take care of yourself, and create a life-giving home environment that isn’t overwhelming.

Coaching & Organization Services

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Home Organization & Systems Creation

The HomeBodySoul way of living believes that a stress-free, healthy lifestyle begins from the inside out. My goal is to help you live a life of simplicity by purging distractions, clutter, and helping you create a life of stewardship through organized, meaningful systems in your home. Together we will tackle and transform the space to simplify, organize, and create a system that you can maintain going forward.

By using my organizational gifts along with my expertise in health and wellness, I will also help you create sustainable systems for meal-planning and prep, family scheduling, etc. so that you can still accomplish all of the necessary tasks of life in a simplified and streamlined manner.

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Health/Lifestyle Coaching

I offer various health/lifestyle coaching packages. Please contact me for pricing, availability, and to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your unique needs and goals. Available in person (Atlanta area) or by Skype/Phone. 

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Grocery Store Tours & Kitchen Re-Haul

We will take a field trip to your favorite grocery store and go through each aisle. I will educate you on how to read labels, which produce to buy organic, seasonality of produce, and why I recommend certain products. I will share new healthy tips, quick snack ideas, and help you navigate through your store to enable you to make healthier food choices going forward!

Invite me into your kitchen and we will go through your fridge and pantry together and get rid of what is not a part of your new healthy eating plan. You will be left with a kitchen rid of dangerous and unhealthy items and be well on your way to a new healthy lifestyle! I will leave you with a new and improved grocery shopping list that you can refer back to and will help guide you each time you go shopping!